The 6 best clubs in Philly

While we don’t recommend hitting the club while you’re still getting to know someone, it can be good to mix things up when you’re a few dates in.

5 Springtime date ideas

It’s easy to see why Spring has its reputation as the season of love. Life and color start to return to the world, the air is filled with amazing scents from the blooming flowers, and we all have a wee bit more of a, well, spring in our step.

Why you should keep a date journal 

Date journals can help you navigate, understand, and grow from the sometimes messy and complex business of dating – with all of its ups, downs, and false horizons. 

How to create a profile that really reflects you

There’s an art to creating a standout profile – one that attracts the people you want to attract, and stands as an authentic representation of who you are.

5 best outdoor dates in Philly 

Feeling the call of the wild? Or maybe just bored of the same bars, coffee shops and restaurants? Taking things outdoors can be a great way of mixing it up.

5 cheap (or totally free) dates in Philly 

Whether you’re looking for something outdoorsy or you want to keep out of the weather, there’s a date here for everyone that doesn’t have to break the bank.

10 best movies for staying in dates

You know what beats staying in with snacks, a movie marathon, and the person you’re obsessed with? Nothing. 

5 hooks to keep the conversation flowing

Got a spark but don’t know how to push the convo forward? We’re here with some inspiration for conversation hooks that are sure to get things moving.

How to be a great Fuser

So, you’ve downloaded fuse™ and you’ve signed up to be a Fuser – what happens next?