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create a profile that really reflects you

Creating your dating profile is one of the most daunting things to do, but the one thing you can’t get out of if you want to find dates online.

There’s an art to creating a standout profile – one that attracts the people you want to attract, and stands as an authentic representation of who you are.

So here are our tips for creating a dating profile that’s a true reflection of you. 

Be authentic

Whoever came up with the saying ‘honesty is the best policy’ wasn’t lying (although it’d be ironic if they were). 

In any situation where we’re setting out to meet new people, we naturally want to show them the best version of ourselves first. In a dating context, though, that can mean leaning too much into what we think other people are looking for, but missing out parts of your personality that might actually be the key to meeting the perfect person for you.

To put it another way: if your idea of a perfect weekend is couch, takeout, and bingeing Grey’s Anatomy until your eyes pop, then don’t be afraid to say that! The genuine, authentic you is awesome, and there are tons of people out there who’ll agree. So if you want to meet people who share your idea of a good time, don’t be shy about spelling it out.

Know what you want, and set expectations

For some people, talking about themselves is as natural as breathing, while for others it can feel like an extended form of torture. 

Not everyone is comfortable with sharing personal info online, and that’s more than OK! As much as anything else, your dating profile is your opportunity to lay out what you are, and aren’t comfortable with.

Before you begin writing, take a few minutes to think about exactly what you want out of your dating experience. Are you looking to take things slowly, and keep things strictly in the chat for a while? Or are you looking to get an IRL date as soon as possible?

Whatever you’re looking for, there are no wrong answers – but make sure your profile communicates it clearly, so there are clear expectations and no time wasted on either side.

Take 5

We don’t know if Shakespeare was 100% correct when he said that music is the food of love (that’s pizza, no?), but we do know sharing your music tastes is a great way to attract like-minded people.

Create a playlist of your top 5 songs and drop the link in your profile, or just list them out. Not only does this help attract people with the same tastes, it also gives your matches something to kick-off the conversation with.

It doesn’t just have to be music, either – your top 5 movies, TV shows, holiday destinations, and even ice-cream flavors are all indicators of your personal tastes, and great conversation starters for people who want to get to know you better. 

Let us know what you think of these tips, and feel free to share your own with us!

Oh, and if you haven’t yet, don’t forget to create your fuse™ profile! It only takes a couple of minutes whether you want to be a Dater or a Fuser.

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