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philadelphia skyline

From LOVE Park to the world’s best cheesesteak, the home of fuse is one of the best cities in the world for dating, meeting new people, and guaranteed good times. 

Whether you’re looking for something outdoorsy or you want to keep out of the weather, there’s a date for everyone that doesn’t have to break the bank (or make you awkwardly ask for someone’s Venmo).

These are our favorite free date ideas in our hometown of Philly. 

LOVE Park 

More formally known as JFK Plaza, this little spot can be a great place to sit and watch the world go by together. As one of our favorite places in the whole city, we can also confirm that a wander around LOVE Park is a great way to get to know someone – not to mention do a little people-watching. 

And if things are going really well, the park’s famous LOVE statue makes a great place to stop and snap a pic together, just as the fountain behind you reaches up to the sky. 

South Street 

It’s a bold claim, but South Street could just be the coolest part of the world’s coolest city. You can walk around and chat while making mental notes of restaurants to come back to later.

Or if you want to grab a bite there and then, Lorenzo and Son’s Pizza has the biggest slice of pizza you’ll ever eat for only $3.50. 

Graffiti Pier 

If you’re lucky on your walk through Graffiti Pier, you’ll spot artists adding new work to this world-renowned street art site. 

It’s easy to spend hours here talking about the art on display, finding pieces you love, and maybe even snapping a few pics of you and your date in front of some incredible pieces. 

Old City 

Even if history isn’t your thing, a walk around Old City is well worth your time. 

There’s tons of delicious and unique places to eat, beautiful sights and architecture to look at and talk about, and there’s enough to see and do that you can start your day there before moving on somewhere else, or end the day there at one of the bars, restaurants, or even the nearby ice rink.

See a new band

Philly is home to some incredible venues like TLA, the Foundry, The Fillmore, and Union Transfer, to name just a few. There’s almost always a show to go to, and the right gig can make for a great, and cheap, date night.

So check out the gig listings and find an up-and-coming band that neither you or your date have heard before. In all honesty, though, the music matters far less than the company – no matter who’s playing, you’ll have an amazing night if you’re with the right person (and maybe even find a new shared favorite band!).

So, those are our recommendations for the best cheap – or totally free – dates in Philadelphia. Anything we missed? Let us know!

Oh, and if you haven’t yet, don’t forget to create your fuse™ profile! It only takes a couple of minutes, whether you want to be a Dater or a Fuser.

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