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6 best clubs in philly

While we don’t recommend hitting the club while you’re still getting to know someone, it can be good to mix things up when you’re a few dates in. So we hit Philly to find the best six for those dates that just don’t feel complete without a dance or two. 

The Dolphin Tavern 

This gay club is a former go-go bar in South Philly, and has nightly parties on its epic neon dance floor. We loved the drink specials, which included a rotating selection of drafts, canned beers, and speciality cocktails. 


This trendy and upscale nightclub in Center City took our breath away. Its modern design, multiple levels, and energetic atmosphere make it the home of EDM, hip-hop and Top 40 hits in Philly. 

And if you really want to impress your date, the VIP service includes booth service and reserved seating. 

Voyeur Nightclub 

Right in the heart of the Gayborhood, this multi-level club is a beautifully designed 20,000 square foot masterpiece. Each room has its own theme and distinct atmosphere, but there are options for private lounges and VIP areas, too. 

This might just be the best place in the city to dance the night away. 


Switch up the club experience with this boutique club full of vintage arcade games and childhood nostalgia. Barcade offers exclusive beer collabs, pinball machines, and a kitchen that’s open until midnight. 

Great for when you’re looking for somewhere with an energetic vibe, but still want to be able to hear yourselves talk.

Concourse Dance Bar 

There’s an adults-only ball pit. Need we say more?

Oh, we do? OK. How about this: there’s also adult popsicles and craft cocktails and an ice room with sculptures designed by 20 ice artists. 

If that’s not the perfect club date then we don’t know what is. 


Where do you go if you want cocktails, live music, dancing, AND delicious food?

Well, the header probably gives it away, but just in case: you go to Vinyl!

Right in the heart of Center City, this place is one of our favorite places to end a night on the town. With a slightly more upscale speakeasy vibe than your average club, Vinyl is a great place for a date: grab some food and a cocktail, check out the live entertainment (they have acts on from Wednesday to Saturday) and soak in the atmosphere together!

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