Let your friends play Cupid.

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Better dates, more fun, and a truly supportive environment.

Fuse exists to bring joy back into dating.

No endless swiping, no awkward small talk, no bad dates.

We help spark authentic relationships - with a little help from your friends and family.

So how
does fuse

It’s simple. With fuse, your matches are chosen for you by the people who know you best - your friends and family.

We're on a mission to make every user feel connected, supported, and ready to conquer the world of dating.

Your team finds and curates your matches for you, so when the conversation starts you can be confident it’s with someone who’s already passed the friend test, and has been chosen for you by the people who know you best.

Why fuse?

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No more
wasting time

Forget small talk or putting on a front. Your team finds your matches for you, and makes sure they’re actually compatible with you. Be your unfiltered self without fear of judgment, and create authentic relationships.

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made fun

On fuse, you’re always supported by your hand-picked team of friends, family, or whoever else knows you best. It’s like having a team of love superheroes watching 
your back 24/7.

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Deeper connections,
better dates

Everyone you meet on fuse has been chosen for you by the people who know and care about you most. That means better connections, more exciting conversations, truly amazing dates, and more sparks flying than on any other dating app.

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