Here at fuse™, we are firm believers in the magic of friends and family, and therefore we value our community. In order to cultivate healthy and trusted relationships, we hold our members to the standards of our Community Guidelines.


    We want fuse™ to be an authentic, inclusive, and comfortable community where everyone can be their unique selves while fostering genuine connections. Our Community Guidelines are here to keep members safe and to set clear guidelines for behavior, both on and off the app

    Our Guidelines


    You must be 18 years of age or older to join fuse™. This also means we don’t allow photos of unaccompanied or unclothed individuals under the age of 18. You will be barred from the platform if underage. We reserve the right to ask for your ID in order to verify your age

    Personal Information.

    Be mindful when sharing things like phone numbers, emails, or social handles. We advise against sharing other personal information such as bank account numbers or account usernames/passwords. Please don’t ask others to send you their personal details either.


    Just be you! People want to meet your authentic self, not a fake persona. Please do not create a fake account or profile, or impersonate someone you are not. This also means one account per person. Furthermore, please do not post content that isn’t yours unless you’ve been given permission to do so.


    fuse™ seeks to foster relationships that are built on genuine connections, shared values, and mutual respect. Please take your friends' commitment to finding love seriously and do not set your friends up with people as a joke.

    Sexual Exploitation.

    We do not permit nudity or sexually explicit content on the app. We also do not permit the commercial exchange of sexual activity, content, or services. If you are in a private conversation outside of our platform, these may be okay as long as everyone consents to it.


    We do not tolerate any sort of content pertaining to death, gore, sexual violence, images or descriptions of violent acts, or anything advocating ot glorifying self-harm. We also do not tolerate any content that commits or threatens physical or sexual violence, including physical stalking, exploitation, and assault of any kind.

    Respectful Communication.

    fuse™ is a place of compassion and inclusivity. We do not allow bullying, harassment, threats, belittling, insulting, or blackmail of any kind. We do not tolerate racism, bigotry, hatred, or violence based on who someone is. Further, do not report someone based solely on who they are - only report users who you feel have violated our guidelines.

    The Golden Rule.

    Treat others the way you would like to be treated. Any behavior that intends or causes harm to another member (on or offline) will be taken very seriously. If you have been hurt by someone on fuse™, do not hesitate to report the harm to us. We are here for you.

    The Law.

    Please, abide by the law. No illegal content activities are allowed on fuse™.


    Please do not abuse fuse™. Do not manipulate or con other members, do not submit misleading reports, do not spread lies or deceiving information, do not spam harmful links or unsolicited content, do not create mass accounts, and do not use third-party apps to cheat the system. fuse™ is committed to encouraging genuine connections and mutual respect among our community.


    We prohibit the distribution of unsolicited or irrelevant content in bulk or at a high frequency. This includes sharing deceptive links, creating numerous disruptive accounts, or maintaining multiple active profiles for unwarranted interactions with other members.


    Here at fuse™, we do not want you to feel silenced. If someone is making you feel uncomfortable, inflicting harm, or is violating our policies, report it. Your report is always confidential and helps us to keep our community safe.


    We take our Community Guidelines seriously, doing everything we can to ensure they are followed. While we have a warning system in place, if violations persist or if a violation is severe, we will act as we see fit. Do not act in violation of our Community Guidelines or Terms of Use, including actions or behaviors that occur outside of the app but involve others met through the platform. We reserve the right to investigate and/or terminate accounts without a refund of any purchase if we find you have abused the use of fuse™.

    Remember, fuse™ is dedicated to encouraging genuine connections and mutual respect within our community. Thank you for being a part of the fuse™ family!