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springtime date ideas

It’s easy to see why Spring has its reputation as the season of love. Life and color start to return to the world, the air is filled with amazing scents from the blooming flowers, and we all have a wee bit more of a, well, spring in our step.

There’s a scientific reason, too: after the cold and gray of winter, the new sights, smells, and sounds of Spring are thought to give our brains a dopamine boost which makes us more open to romance.

All in all, Spring is the perfect month to plan dates – so here are our top 5 tried and tested date ideas for the season of love.

Pack a picnic

The top spot here has to go to the humble picnic. Simple, intimate, and super flexible, a picnic can be anything from a couple of subs and a bag of chips to share, all the way up to a cheeseboard and a bottle of champagne.

That flexibility means picnics are perfect for your first date with someone or your fiftieth. Whether you’re looking for a quick lunch date or a whole evening affair, picnics have you covered.

And if we’re talking about romantic picnic spots, we recommend Belmont Plateau in Fairmount Park for some amazing views of the city.

Spend a day at the zoo

America’s first ever zoo is right here in Philly, and it’s just as cool today as it was when it opened 160 years ago. 

A leisurely stroll through the zoo will run you around 3 hours – a perfect date window, if you ask us – and between the hundreds (if not thousands) of different animals, food trucks, and even a carousel, there’s more than enough going on to keep conversation flowing. 

Hit up your local yard sales

One person’s Spring cleaning is another person’s Spring treasure. Yard and garage sales are starting to pop up in just about every neighborhood and, believe it or not, they make for amazing casual date activities.

Check out local pages online to find out when and where the closest sales are, grab a couple of coffees, and spend some time browsing for hidden gems together. You’ll get to learn whether your tastes are compatible, and you may even come away with a souvenir to remember the day with.

Loosen up with outdoor yoga

No matter your skill level, this can be a total blast! You can find outdoor yoga classes in Philly pretty much any time of year, but we think a calm Spring morning makes for the perfect time.

Not only is it great for both your body and mind, it’s a perfect way to shake off any pre-date nerves you’re still holding on to. By the time you’re ready to grab a coffee together afterwards, you’ll be walking on air.

Play a round of mini golf

Goofy, cheap, and above all fun, mini golf is the ideal first date activity. It’s competitive, sure, but super low pressure, and its simplicity means you can focus on the conversation more than the game.

Make the most of the warm Spring weather and look for an outdoor course; Franklin Square has one that could be the perfect end to a stroll through the park.

What do you think of our Springtime date ideas? Anything we’ve missed? Let us know!

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