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While most dating apps leave it up to Daters to find their own matches, here on fuse™ it’s your team of Fusers who are the real MVPs. 

It’s up to them to find your dates – so we thought we’d give you a few ideas on who to include in your perfect team to get sparks flying.

  1. The childhood friend
    They’ve been there from kindergarten through high school and beyond, and they still remember that time you got sick from eating too much sand at the playground.

    They’ve seen you at your best and at your worst, were there for your highs and lows, and know the person you were and the person you’ve grown into.

    2. The sibling
    Maybe this is a brother or sister (or both!), or maybe even a cousin – either way, close family members can make great teammates.

    They know the real you, and what’s more, they know exactly what gets under your skin – so use their powers for good and let them find matches that won’t irritate the hell out of you.

    3. The college friend
    For many of us, college is the time when we shed our childhood personalities and start to become our adult selves. We develop new interests, start to figure out what we want to do with our lives, and gain a bunch of new friends that fit our new selves.

    The friends we make around this formative time can be some of the best we’ll ever have.

    4. The work friend
    Let’s face it – who we are at work is not always the same person we are outside of it. We spend most of our time each day at work, and although the people there may only ever see one side of your personality, it’s a pretty big and important side.

    Work buddies can help identify matches who align with your professional goals, career aspirations, and are guaranteed not to set you up with anyone who even remotely resembles your boss.

    5. The parent
    For many of us our parents are the people we have our closest relationship with, and for the longest time.

    They’ve been there since Day 1, and though they may not know every single detail about your adult life – which is probably for the best – you can be sure that they’re not going to set you up with just anyone.

    Plus, if all goes well, they’ll probably be sharing a Thanksgiving or Christmas table with your new partner at some point so it’s in their best interests to pick someone great.

When it comes down to it, though, the only person who can assemble a top-quality team for you is, well you. We want fuse to bring you as much fun as it does romance, and if that means throwing your ex’s mom in a team with your third-grade teacher, then who are we to say no? 

So, who are you choosing? Get your team assembled today and let’s get some sparks flying.

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