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Christmas – the perfect time for romcoms, meet cutes, and reruns of Love, Actually (it’s the best Christmas movie ever made and you know it). 

Keep cozy and warm with your new Spark this Christmas by trying these 7 cute and wholesome Christmas season date ideas.

Build a gingerbread house

Tell me there’s anything cuter than making a gingerbread house together – or better yet, building one each.

Picture the scene: the two of you. A roaring fire. The Christmas tree is up. The fairy lights are on. You’re wearing your Santa hats (and maybe even your Christmas pajamas). 

You’re helping them get the walls of their gingerbread house to stand up, and they’re helping you to balance the roof.

Throw in a couple of hot chocolates, and you have the perfect Christmas date.

If gingerbread’s not your thing, no worries – swap that out for some festive brownies or cranberry muffins instead. Baking together is such a great way to spend a cold winter afternoon, and the best part is you end up with the perfect snack to curl up and watch movies with afterwards. 

Go ice skating 

We’ve waited all year to be able to pull on the ice skates or head down to the local rink. There’s going to be music, gloves, fluffy hats and hot chocolates galore. 

You can take time to skate past the Christmas lights and enjoy each other’s company while you make plans for what the rest of the evening will bring. Perfect.

Is one of you a better skater than the other? That’s a great opportunity to hold hands and guide your Spark around the rink. 

Hot cocoa crawl 

Nothing gives cozy winter vibes like steaming hot chocolate, with a little cream and a few marshmallows added for good measure. 

Think you know the best place in town for a hot chocolate? Maybe your Spark thinks they know the best place too. 

Go to them all. 

A lazy day, drifting together between cafés and coffee shops, enjoying the best hot chocolate the city has to offer. There’s no better way to keep warm, and nothing keeps the conversation going like a cup of hot cocoa. 

Christmas Cabin getaway 

If you’ve had a few dates already and things are going well, then a romantic, Christmas-themed getaway with your Spark could be all you need this holiday season. 

Take them to your favorite place (or go to theirs) and book a cabin for the weekend. All you need is your matching couple’s pajamas, your stockings to hang over the fireplace, s’mores and your imagination. 

Christmas markets and christmas lights 

Be dazzled (and dazzle) in the lights, sounds and smells of the Christmas markets. Share a hot cocoa while you try different food, pick up gifts, and hold hands on the Christmas market rides. 

No Christmas markets near you? There’s always one street or building that has the best Christmas lights, so go there, take hundreds of selfies, and walk slowly among the fresh, cold air and get to know each other a little more. 

Build a snowman 

Fluffy hat? Check. Carrots? Check. Tie? Check. Get out into your local park for the cutest of all cute dates – building a snowman! 

Don’t forget to pack a thermos. 

Weather permitting.


Need we say s’more? Nothing in this world beats roasting marshmallows over the fire and sandwiching them between two chocolate-covered cookies. 

Take a speaker for your favorite Christmas songs and a thermos of hot cocoa, and you’ve got the perfect little pre-Christmas date.

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